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Why choose video content?

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Social media videos generate up to 1200% more shares than texts and images combined

92% of people who watch a video on their phone will share it with others

Using video on your website and social media pages is a fantastic way to educate and convey important messages about animal health. It will help you to build trust and loyalty and to boost SEO and client engagement.


Compared to written content, videos:

  • Gain more attention

  • Are more visually appealing and memorable

  • Are convenient to consume

  • Reach a wider audience

  • Encourage higher engagement

  • Generate more web traffic

  • Give a better ROI 

Short videos

Quick (<1 minute) videos designed for social media are great for grabbing attention and directing viewers to your website. 

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Informative videos

Longer videos designed to provide more information. Best shared on Facebook, Instagram TV, in emails or in blogs. 


"How to" videos e.g. dog toothbrushing provide real-life demonstrations where text only information would not suffice.

Behind the scenes

Videos can be used to show owners what happens to their pet whilst at the vets, e.g. blood tests or x-rays.

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"Ask the expert" features can be used to answer questions about common conditions or inform about findings in scientific research. 

Explainer videos

Provide advice or more in depth coverage of specific conditions, diagnostic tests and surgical procedures.

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